October 29th, 2020

Don’t Risk A Fine Or A Workplace Accident – Top 10 Safety tips from Business SA

Here are Business SA Top 10 Tips for WHS
  1. Revisit Your WHS Policies And Procedures To Ensure They Are Up To Date
  2. Undertake A Workplace Inspection
  3. Ensure Fire Extinguishers Have Been Checked By An Appropriate Contractor Within In The Past Six Months
  4. Confirm That The Contents Of The First Aid Kit(S) Are Within Date And Comply With The Recommendations In The First Aid In The Workplace Code Of Practice
  5. All Identified Officers Are Up To Date With Their Due Diligence
  6. All Compliance Training (Including First Aid And Fire Warden) Is Current
  7. Communication And Consultation Across The Business Is Regular
  8. Managers And Supervisors Take Appropriate Action To Address WHS Issues, Concerns Or Incidents Raised By Workers
  9. Schedule An Emergency Test (Fire Drill) If One Has Not Been Held During 2020
  10. Check That WHS Records Are Maintained