National Safe Work Month – October 2020

Safe Work Month will be a little different this year

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NSW Mine Safety Regulator’s Report

The NSW mine safety regulator has issued its annual report for 2018/2019

You can read more here


Music SA has a great resource to help manage the risks for the music industry

This guide has links to

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Farm Safety Week

National Farm Safety Week is July 20 – 25.

As explained by Safework SA, this week is about highlighting the importance of business and industry working together to increase the wellbeing of Australian farmers through innovation and improved attention to health and safety outcomes.

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National Safe Work Month 2020

October is National Safe Work Month and this year’s theme, Work Health and Safety through COVID-19, is about the impacts of COVID-19 on Australian businesses, employers and workers. 

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Return to Work SA Online Webinars

Return to Work SA have free online skill building workshops available
for Employers

Topics include

The 2020 / 21 training calendar is here

RTWSA training and events can be found here

safetygeek is qualified in Return to Work injury management if you need any advice on the RTW Act and work injury response

Respirators and face masks

There has been a huge increase in demand for P2 respirators for use against airborne pollutants with recent events in Australia such as bushfires and the COVID 19 Pandemic. Many more non-compliant respirators are becoming available.

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety has released this media statement

A coalition of workplace health and safety related organisations across Australia and New Zealand, and the ACTU called today for the urgent establishment of a register for approved respirators (aka face masks). The group describes the presence of non-compliant, fake and faulty disposable masks as an immediate threat to the health and safety of workers.

The guide to purchasing P2 and equivalent masks is available here

Plant risk assessments

Plant is a major cause of workplace death and injury in Australian workplaces. As detailed in Managing the risks of plant in the workplace – Code of Practice there are significant risks associated with using plant and severe injuries can result from the unsafe use of plant, including

Other risks include hearing loss due to noisy plant and musculoskeletal disorders caused by manually handling or operating plant that is poorly designed

This recent safety alert from Worksafe NT highlights how important plant risk assessments are

If you are unsure about any aspects of plant risk assessments #asksafetygeek

Roof falls

Working on roofs can be high risk

Many activities carried out on roofs are considered ‘construction work’

This includes work carried out in connection with altering,
converting, renovating, repairing, maintaining, demolishing or dismantling a roof of a structure

Examples of these activities include

Minor work on roofs that is not considered ‘construction work’, for example cleaning roof gutters or replacing individual roof tiles, can also have the same hazards, especially the risk of falls

There have been several serious incidents recently involving working on roofs

For more on safe work on roofs see the information sheet here from

COVID-19 Information for workplaces

Head to for specific COVID 19 information for each industry.

The following guidance is also available to help workplaces with the current COVID risks and their WHS obligations

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